Friday, September 26, 2008

Rich ,professional looking pottery with marbled pattern

Earthenware pot simulates stoneware or terra cotta. Only air-dry, super-tough enamel paints are used. There is no heat setting reqiured.This easy to use enamel is non-toxic and non-sticky. I simply brush it on and it gives a strong, beautiful satin finish on drying. Random effect paints are used .
This is an exiting assortment of novelty surface textures.
The colours used contains no lead or cadmium ingredients but its not for dinnerwre.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hand Crafted Dough Flowers Pasted on Glass Bottle

This is a sort of recycled craft. An empty perfumed bottle is used in this.
Hand crafted small sized dough flower has been pasted on it. To give colour & enhancement Glass bottle has been pasted with simple glass paints.The pasting is done with white Glue.
This is a beutiful corner table decoration.